Welcome to 2016-2017!

Welcome back Gardner families!

For weeks now, our amazing team of educators, custodians, and office staff have been preparing for your return to school.  The floors are shiny, the rugs are clean, the classroom libraries are organized, the lessons are planned, and the rooms are decorated.  Stepping onto campus Tuesday morning you will know that what we do at Gardner, we do out of love for everything that makes Gardner the great community of learners that it is.

I am proud to announce that all indicators of achievement – from student, staff, and parent surveys to Smarter Balanced Assessment data and English Language Learners’ reclassification rates – demonstrate we are a school on the move and performing better. In fact, the percent of our students meeting and exceeding standards on the Smarter Balanced Assessment doubled from the prior year.  Our significantly improved scores in language arts are a testament to the impact of our ongoing professional development on the teaching of reading and writing and the effectiveness of the workshop approach to teaching reading and writing that we adopted three years ago.  And while we made good progress in math, we are sharpening our focus to improve our math program so that it is rooted in the workshop approach too.

Because we firmly believe that a good education is one that puts as much emphasis on creativity, physical fitness, and social/emotional learning as it does content knowledge and critical thinking, we can all thank the Friends of Gardner, our hardworking, parent-led booster club, for supporting our music, art, organic garden and PE programs that wouldn’t be possible without the annual donations from families like yours.  I urge you to help Friends of Gardner increase the impact of the annual giving campaign by participating for the first time if you haven’t before or continuing to generously invest in your child and everyone else’s.

Safety and security at school are of the utmost importance – on the yard, in the classrooms, and around the campus as students arrive and depart each day. As parents, we know that how we behave is the most powerful model of what we expect from our children.  It also establishes the climate and culture of our school.  When dropping off kids, follow the rules of the road and use common sense so that everyone arrives safely and emotionally ready for the day. When speaking with students and adults, practice kindness and show respect.  And when problems arise, focus on our mutual objective of providing students with a safe and caring place where they can all reach their potential.  Don’t solve school related problems on your own - concerns should be brought directly to teachers and then to me whenever necessary.

Working together, I know that we will continue to move forward and enjoy a wonderful year of learning.


Michael Rosner, Principal