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Friends of Gardner Board Elections & Parent Meeting

Our Friends of Gardner Elections Meeting is taking place on Thursday, May 16th at 8:30am in the Parent Center. If you or anybody you know is interested in running for a board position, please read below for all the information you need prior to the meeting and the day of.

 There are 8 positions available for the Friends of Gardner Board 2019-2021:

The Chair (also known as the President and Executive Director) shall convene and preside all regularly scheduled Board and public meetings (or arrange for other members to president the following order: vice-chair, secretary, treasurer) and shall form and dissolve committees and supervise all committee Chairs. The Chair will also oversee contracting service providers for curricular programs and enrichment activities of interest to the school community and serve as the point of contact with all providers. The Chair is responsible for all paperwork, including but not limited to: employment contracts, district forms and agreements, as well as all forms mandated by the state to be submitted in accordance with our 501c3 organization status. The Chair shall manage the FoG email and be in regular contact with school administration regarding activities or programs of Friends of Gardner.

 The Vice Chair provides support to the Chairperson.

The Secretary records minutes from FoG Board and FoG Parent Meetings. The Secretary shall also submit all minutes taken at public meetings to be published on the school’s website following each meeting.

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all financial records in accordance with IRS guidelines in addition to helping to develop yearly budgets and preparing financial reports for meetings .

 The Communications Chair shall coordinate school wide email communications, liaison with the Room Parent Coordinator and regularly update content on the Gardner Street website.

The Programs Chair shall coordinate with School Admin and FoG funded program staff/volunteers on scheduling, community feedback, and annual program planning and budgeting.

The Volunteer Coordinator shall process volunteer forms received at the top of the school year from incoming and returning parents. The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for assembling that data and reaching to interested individuals to further understand their interest and availability. Event chairs will work with the Volunteer Coordinator to build their volunteer teams.

The Committee Chair shall work with all established committees, overseeing them and ensuring that information is being given and received between the necessary parties. The Committee Chair will hold all committee members accountable to meeting deadlines and will also serve as a point of contact for all event chairs - enabling them to relay messages for dispersal to the various committees for event communication and preparation.