Through the Friends of Gardner and our fruitful partnership with EnrichLA we are achieving our goal of bringing every child an experience with nature and healthy food through gardening. It sounds simple, but it goes far beyond this. In a fast paced world where things are delivered and often pre-made, children are losing the connection and understanding that all we eat and use comes from the earth. Through hands-on experiences in the garden, children will understand the sowing, growing, and harvesting process of whole foods. Garden Rangers from EnrichLA will introduce children to delicious fresh snacks and recipes from the garden. Children will begin to understand the properties of soil, the influence of living organisms on various crops, how to maintain and care for plants, and various benefits of plants on our bodies when consumed as whole, raw foods.

This year will be incorporating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in direct connection with the garden curriculum. Children will discover the content of each subject area as it is related to gardening. Specifically, students will spend significant time investigating garden design. Technology will be used as a research tool, as well as for understanding specific aspects of gardening, such as sunlight and PH. Children will see the connections between Math and Science in the garden, and use mathematical skills to more deeply understand ideas.  EnrichLA will also engage the parent community through volunteering, workdays, and donations to keep the Gardner Street garden a beautifully functioning outdoor classroom. 

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