2019-2020 Gardner Give Campaign
This is our single most important fundraiser of the year! It is ONLY thanks to your generous support that Friends of Gardner (FoG) is able to provide Music, Physical Education (P.E.), Visual Arts, Yoga and Edible Garden programs to every single Gardner Street student. To continue these programs that LAUSD does NOT provide, we’re asking for every single family to take part and give as generously as you can.

Our ask is $38 per student, per month or a one-time payment of $380 a year.

But our goal is every family giving SOMETHING.

And this year, when you donate ten bucks a month, you get the new Gardner Card! This card will offer you discounts at businesses all over town, so it basically pays for itself. You will decide what is right for your family, but every dollar counts and we urge you to dig deep and and do your part to keep our incredible programs running. 

You may choose to donate all at once or split your pledge up amongst the remaining months of the school year. We thank you for any and every penny you can give. And so do our students.

One-Time Pledge


Print out a donation form and drop it off in the school's main office.

Will your employer match your donation? Click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional questions? Contact us at friendsofgardner@gmail.com