Don't forget to clip your box tops! Or download the new app!

We all have cereals and other packaged foods in our house. Which means we also have extra money that can go right to Gardner! So don’t forget to clip your box tops off and put them in the circular box in the Parent Center labeled “BOX TOPS!” It’s free money that can really add up for our school.

And if you fancy the digital route instead, there’s now a Box Tops App! Download for free, select “GARDNER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL,” Then simply scan your grocery receipt and money goes straight into Gardner’s pocket. So start scanning! And thank you for shopping for Gardner!

Star Programs! For every kid! Enroll! Enroll! Enroll!

STAR Nova Session 1 After School Enrichment Classes Begin Monday, September 9!

To register online, click here or contact Rahkua at or 310-339-2848.

These classes are open to any Gardner student. Students are NOT required to be enrolled in an after school program to participate. And they are great way to have your children participate in quality extra-curricular programs without leaving Gardner's campus! We have to have enough kids enrolling in these programs to keep offering them at Gardner so please sign up today. We promise your kids will love them.

Click here to view the brochure that was sent home.
Here are the classes offered this session:

NOVA 1 Schedule:

Star Chess | Russian 101 (2 day class) | Math: Pokémon Trading Card Game | Kinder Rock | Rockstar Los Angeles: Can't Stop Rock N Roll
Culinary Arts: Top Secrets Recipes | Chocolate Power Yoga | Spanish 101 (2 day class)
Russian 101 (2 day class) | Digital Photography | Skateboarding: Create and Skate
Spanish 101 (2 day class)
Maker Engineering | Ultimate Minecraft: Back to School | Kinder Rock | Rockstar Los Angeles: Can't Stop Rock N Roll

It's the first ever Back at It Bash!

That’s right, we’re back at it! So we’re having a bash! I mean sorta. It’s certainly going to be enjoyable and a little bashy. And it’s a Gardner Gathering event which means it’s completely freeeeee! (Unless you buy food. Because HELLO…public school budget.) Bring a picnic or pick up some pizza, pasta and TREATS from our food trucks and then join us on the lawn for music, fun and community. Let’s kick off the year on the right foot — the FUN foot.