Book Fair is Coming!

Our Book Fair is coming!!  This mobile bookstore will be popping up in our library starting Monday, Nov 10.  It will be open all day from 7:30 AM until 4:00 PM, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  (Remember, school is closed for Veteran's Day on Tuesday the 11th).

10 Ways to Enjoy Your Book Fair

1)  Stop by the Book Fair before or after school and browse through books together with your child.  (If you've already finished your copy of "Gone Girl" there will be a grown-up section with some great titles for your bookshelf, too.)

2)  Have your child fill out a "Wish List" when they preview the Book Fair with their class.  Choose some titles and send the money to school with your child - they can stop by the fair on their own and purchase books.

3)  Pick up a copy of a teacher's "Wish List" at the Book Fair and buy a book or two for their classroom for all their students to enjoy.

4)  Come to the Book Fair after school and listen to a story or make a bookmark!  If you have a parent teacher conference to attend, let your child listen or create with one of our parent volunteers while you meet with their teacher.

5)  By special invitation only for Gardner Street students ... meet an author in person!

6)  Read a book together.

7)  Read a book alone.

8)  Recommend a book to a friend.

9)  Ask a friend if they've read anything great lately.

10)  Tell a friend, "I'm going to the Book Fair!"

Are you excited?  Then come volunteer and share the enthusiasm!  Sign up here.