Have you seen what your kid's been doing?

If you haven't, then check out your classroom's Shutterfly site and catch your kid in action ... writing, painting, singing, exploring, learning!

Your classroom Shutterfly site is a wonderful way to stay plugged in to the things your child is doing at school.  Visit the site to see (or share) photos and communicate with other parents.  Check your inbox for updates from your Room Parents about homework, field trips, volunteer opportunities and other important school announcements.

If you have not received an invitation to your classroom site yet, please send an email with the following information to Susan Sullivan:

- Student Name
- Classroom & Teacher
- Parent(s) Name
- Parent(s) Email Address

Many thanks to our wonderful Room Parents for volunteering their time and efforts to keep us all connected and to Michelle Pollack, our Room Parent Coordinator.

A few classes are still in need of a Room Parent - if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Rebecca Arce or Susan Hornung, our Volunteer Coordinators.

This year's Room Parents are:
TK/K | Ms. Glazer:  Rebekah Stevenson, Mercedes Gatewood + Rani Gill
K | Ms. Feldman:  (Open)
K | Ms. Nodelman:  Michelle Pollack + Ani Pereira-Sekhon
1 | Ms. Popova:  Nazilia Abuzarova + Olga Gorelik
1 | Ms. Chung:  Airish Szuch + Frances Scheuerman
1 | Ms. Agito:  Rhonda Shepherd, Rebecca Arce + Raquel Gradin
2 | Ms. Lissitsyna:  Michelle Raz + Alfiya Tuaeva
2 | Ms. Oganyan:  Liana Amelova + Julia Elistratova
2 | Ms. Watts-Lawton:  Margarita Ianeva, Kimberly Cochran + Olga Frias
3 | Ms. Sandoyan:  (Open)
3 | Ms. Thaviphone:  Anita Lyon + Stephanie Cueas
4 | Mr. Tomizawa:  Sally Manzo + Geeta Pisharody
4 | Ms. Cabrera:  Alex Kaplan + Kelee Smith
5 | Ms. Ranganathan:  (Open)
5 | Mr. Sigler:  Olga Frias
6 | Ms. Jacobson:  Diana Lisenkov, Alejandro Vargas, Olivia Krane + Igor Afremov
SDC | Mr. Panzer:  Ruth Segovia