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Clear Some Space on Your Fridge...Art Class has Begun!

Weekly classes have resumed in our Art Studio and our students have been busy creating new masterpieces.  Upcoming lessons in our newly relocated studio - complete with outdoor space and beautiful natural light - are tailored to each grade level and will cover such topics as color theory, line drawing and collage.

Parent volunteers work with teachers during these classes to make sure the visual arts are a consistent part of your child's education for the entire school year.  The space is truly a safe environment for your children to not only express themselves through art, but also build technical skills and even learn about art history.  In the classes, students are encouraged to talk about their ideas and their inspirations to foster a greater visual awareness of the world around them, including all of the diverse cultures represented at Gardner Street School.

Stay tuned for more updates and lesson topics!


Annual Giving Off to a Great Start!

Thank you to all of the families who have already pledged their support to Gardner Street and given our 2014-2015 Annual Giving Campaign such a terrific start!  Our goal is $75,000 and 100% participation.  We've received over $18,000 in pledges so far and we're at 14% participation for the entire school.

Cheers to our 4th grade families, strong out of the gate!

Cheers to our 4th grade families, strong out of the gate!

Let's keep up this great momentum and get to 50% by the end of September!

If you have made a pledge, but have not yet made your payment, then you can drop off cash or a check in the main office at any time or click the Donate Now button just above.

If you have not made your pledge, then there is no better time than right now!

Thank you for doing your part to give every child at Gardner Street an excellent education.