Morning Dropoff

Please do not use the employee parking lot. You may park on the street and walk your child into school in the morning or you may choose to use our Stop & Drop service which allows children to be dropped off at the playground or in front of the school and be safely attended to as they exit the car.

Stop & Drop operates during the following times:

  • Gardner Street Gate – 7:45am to 8:15am
  • Hawthorn Avenue Gate – 7:45am to 8:15am

Please note the Vista Street gate is not open for drop off or pick up.

When using Stop & Drop please:

  • Follow the attendants' directions.
  • Stay in your car - attendants will help open doors and escort kids from your car.
  • Have your kids ready to leave the car to keep the line running smoothly.  Backpacks, lunch boxes and/or lunch money should be in hand before pulling into the drop off line.
  • Have your kids exit from the right side of the car - it is quicker and prevents them from having to walk in front of traffic.

Afternoon Pickup

Please do not use the parking lot. You may park on the street and pick your child directly from the classroom or set an alternate designated pick up area.  Out of respect for the safety of the children and families walking around at dismissal time,  please observe parking signs and traffic laws (no blocking driveways, parking in loading zones, double parking, etc.)

If your are picking up your child from an after school program after 4pm, you may park in the parking lot and report to the STAR Office to sign them out.