Elected faculty members and parents on the School Site Council (SSC) meet monthly to develop and monitor the implementation of the school plan, a state mandated document which lays out our short and long term goals and action steps in the areas of language arts, math, English language development, social and emotional development, and parent and community engagement to better student achievement.  This includes a wide spectrum of classes, educational strategies and ideas that all go into improving a child’s academic, social and emotional wellbeing; such as Gardner’s arts, music and physical education programs, Reader's and Writer's Workshop, CGI Math and Way of Council. This plan for student achievement can not be altered or replaced without a majority vote from our SSC and is proof that Gardner thrives because of the teamwork of administrators, faculty and parents. Our 2018-19 plan has been approved by our SSC and Local District West, click here to read it. The SSC also determines the expenditure of categorical funds provided by LAUSD. Those interested in learning more should attend the first regularly calendared meeting of the year.