The school is locked during school hours (8:20am – 2:43pm). You must be buzzed in at the front entrance on Hawthorne Ave. to be admitted during those hours. Once inside, please walk directly to the office to sign in and receive your visitor's badge.

Each fall and spring, all LAUSD schools conduct an Emergency Preparedness Drill simultaneously across the city. DO NOT plan to visit the school during these drills or plan to take your child from school for doctor’s appointments, etc. The school is on lockdown during the drills, and no one will be allowed in or out of campus.

In the event of an emergency, Gardner will be on lockdown.  Only a parent, guardian or other adult designated on your child's Emergency Card may come to the Request Gate (on Hawthorne Ave. west of the auditorium) to retrieve your child.  After showing your picture ID card, you'll be instructed to go to the Reunion Gate (at the playground entrance on Gardner St.) to meet up with your child.



Click here for additional information about school emergency procedures.